Recently there has been special attention paid to RADON gas in and around buildings.  Radon is all around us at very low levels: it is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally in the environment when the uranium in soil and rock breaks down. It is invisible, odourless and tasteless. It is also considered a Type A carcinogen.  Radon levels can vary widely by province, city and even by street.  When radon is released from the ground into the outdoor air, it is diluted and is not a concern. However, in enclosed spaces, especially the lower levels of your house such as a basement, it can accumulate to high levels. This can be a risk to your family’s health.

The good news is that modern technology allows us to test very accurately for radon gas. 4 Elements technicians are certified by C-NRPP (Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program) and members of CARST (Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists).  So you can be sure that the leading-edge technology we use to test for radon in your home will give you accurate results, and that 4 Elements will give you accurate advice on what you need to do.  You can trust 4 Elements to give you the results and advice you need if radon gas is an issue in your building.

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