Moisture problems can come from a variety of sources and cause mould, which has significant health implications for the people in the building.  Whether its condensation in the walls, a slow leak, a flood that wasn’t repaired fully, a bad joint or connection in your building’s plumbing,  or even excessive building humidity, still water can result in indoor mould growth.  Mould can emit VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and particulate matter, compromising indoor air quality and potentially causing serious health problems.  The best way to reduce the impact of mould on your indoor air quality is to promptly repair the moisture problem that is causing the mould growth.  4 Elements has the tools, skill and experience to quickly identify the source of the moisture and make recommendations on how to fix it before it grows into a major health concern.

There are many different types of mould, and they often show different signs in your home.  Our thorough mould inspection techniques will determine the level of mould, the type of mould and the right solutions to rectify the problems.  We take both air and swab surface to test for mould samples, and analyze them using our state of the art lab partners.  This can be done very quickly when there is an acute problem at hand.

That ‘musty’ smell you notice in the basement may be the start of something much bigger.  Let us inspect your building for mould and get it solved.