4 Elements Indoor Environments specializes in commercial and industrial building health.  We have decades of experience in the commercial real estate sector, and we know what it takes to make these spaces safer and more productive for everyone that uses them.  Building owners and employers have a legal responsibility to provide a safe & healthy work environment to their tenants and employees (the so-called ‘general duty clause’).  Let 4 Elements build a custom plan that is right for your building and your budget to provide years of air, water and physical safety in your building.  We look at a wide variety of aspects of your commercial buildings health, including:


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  • AIR QUALITY: our indoor air quality inspection looks at many aspects in your building, including testing for gases, vapours and dust, mould, and chemicals in building materials that can impact your facility’s air quality
  • WATER QUALITY: water can cause mould and other air-borne bacteria.  It can also cause major damage to many parts of your building if not contained properly.  Water problems rarely go away on their own.  We look for leakage, drainage and condensation problems as well as air-borne indicators of water problems, to stop them from becoming big headaches

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  • FIRE & LIFE SAFETY: 4 Elements will perform an extensive and thorough assessment of the life safety conditions in your building.  We ensure your fire safety systems are up to date with all inspections and expiration dates, as well as your internal procedures, to make sure you are doing everything possible to minimize your risk.
  • BUILDING SAFETY: Lots of company’s say they do physical inspections of your building.  The difference with 4 Elements is not only do we do a visual inspection in all the hard to reach places, we are qualified to test for earth-borne chemicals such as RADON GAS.  Our technicians are certified by C-NRPP and we are members of CARST.  We can also conduct thermal testing and energy assessments to help you save precious energy. Rest assured that our leading edge expertise is matched by our leading edge technology to give you accurate results every time.


4Elements can even provide training and education programs for your managers workers or contractors to maintain your buildings high level of environmental safety.  Ask how we can help your organization provide the safest air, water and building safety to its occupants.

4Elements will CERTIFY the health of your building and put it in writing on your wall by providing a framed certificate that all your visitors and staff can see.  Instilling this confidence in your building leads to better productivity for all and a strong sense of security and safety.

Trust 4Elements with all aspects of your building’s health, you’ll be glad you did!